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DEKORNIK WALLPAPER - Savanna Adventure (set 450cm wide) - H: 280

DEKORNIK WALLPAPER - Savanna Adventure (set 450cm wide) - H: 280

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What is this wallpaper! Dream! Certainly ours, but we believe - well, we are sure - that this wallpaper is a dream come true for every toddler. A real Paradise world - African Savanna Adventure, Adventure in Savannah with lots of animals that every child will love!The design of this wallpaper cost us a lot of effort. We did not want to design a wallpaper that has a certain size (width) and looks good on a wall of a given size only. Our wallpaper can be used both on a wall with a width of 200cm and a wall of 4 meters! It was indeed an Einstein task for us!

The most important things you need to know about our Savanna Adventure wallpaper:
The wallpaper begins with an elephant. And exactly half of the elephant, because the whole silhouette would occupy about 150-180cm, so in some cases ... the whole room! That's why our elephant appears on the wallpaper once (inaugurates our pattern), and then ... disappears. The pattern is looping, but the elephant does not obscure the view!
The pattern is divided into 50cm wide rolls. We placed the animals so that their heads would be more or less at such distances from each other. Therefore, when cutting the borders, we have no possibility that the giraffe's head will split in half or that the toucan will lose its beak. Well spread animals also help to match the wallpaper to the dimensions of the wall.
How to order wallpaper?
First, measure the width of the wall. Then look at our auxiliary drawing, where we have specially visualized how your wallpaper will look when you order 4, 6 or 8 rolls (4 rolls = 200cm wide, 6 pieces 300cm, 8 : 400cm ). At the end, order the configuration you need for your wall. On the visualization we presented the arrangement on the wall with a width of 400cm.

We will also suggest to what height some animals reach, the elephant will reach 155cm, the giraffe will be 230cm, and the flamingos are set from 140 to 190cm high. Little lion hides behind the leaves, which measure (together with him) 65cm, and the trees in the background climb to a height of almost 240cm.
The pattern is by Kasia Goraj Stróżyńska and Kasia "Bachor" Rostkowska, that is, our two painting Kasi! We love such cooperation!