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DEKORNIK WALLPAPER - Industrial Evolution  / From Past to Future - 500cm - H: 280

DEKORNIK WALLPAPER - Industrial Evolution / From Past to Future - 500cm - H: 280

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This wallpaper is a proposition to all whose babies are more interested in what will happen in 10, 20 or 100 years than what has already happened! It’s a reversal of time so as we start with a pattern that represents the future! Therefore, if you have a 200 cm wide wall in your room, and you do not want to fill it with a drawing of mills, steam cars or galleons (you prefer rockets and flying cars), this is the choice for you!


How to order a wallpaper?
First, measure width of the wall, Then, take a look at our reference drawing in the gallery, where we have visualized what your wallpaper will look like when ordering, for example 3 panels (3 panels = 300 cm wide), Finally, order as many panels as you need for the size of your wall, The visualization shows the arrangement on a wall, have a look before ordering,

Please note that if you have a wall of e,g, 270 cm width, order 3 stripes of the wallpaper (300 cm), Once you get the product, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY THE WALLPAPER AUTOMATICALLY FROM THE LEFT SIDE, First put the pattern to the wall (without glue) and see how the elements are arranged on the wallpaper, There is a chance that you will have to move the whole pattern to the farther left (cut the first 10 cm for example) in order to avoid cutting the main elements at the end (e,g, the front of a big car), It is very important to look and try first, directly on the wall before applying the product permanently,

The pattern is designed by Kasia Goraj Stróżyńska and Kasia “Bachor” Rostkowska together, our two main graphic designers!